Mount Holyoke College two dining options for conference guests; providing spaces and menus to accommodate groups of varying size.

Blanchard Community Center

Mount Holyoke College completed a 50 million dollar renovation and expansion of the Community Center in August 2018. The expansion includes an air conditioned 1,000 seat dining facility. The space offers lake views, open and private seating areas, outdoor seating,  buffet dining that includes and array of menus for all dietary needs. Our culinary staff is happy to talk and meet with program directors to ensure the dining experience is pleasant and plentiful.

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Willits-Hallowell is typically the host for Conferences that take place throughout the academic year as well as in the summer months. The center offers an array of upscale dining options for groups of 20 to 175 guests.

Smith Dining

The Willits-Hallowell Conference Center and Mount Holyoke College Dining Services has received a Level 1 Green Restaurant Certification for their sustainability practices.